Frequently asked questions about CAR RENTAL in Moscow

We have accumulated quite a lot of questions on the subject of "RENT A CAR IN MOSCOW", the answers to which can be obtained as follows:

Question: In the car there is a fault , what to do?

Answer: Make a phone call +7 495 5052579 and report faults .

Q: What should I do if the vehicle is involved in an accident ?


- Take all possible measures to prevent further damage, rescue vehicle, eliminating the causes that contributed to the additional damage;
- Do not admit his guilt before the decision GAI (POLICE) ;
- Call GAI representative and provide the receiving inquiries about the accident, regulations and protocol (or refusal to initiate an administrative offense), to trace the presence of seals on each of these instruments;
- Fill in the form "Notice of an accident " (attached to the policy CTP );
- Report BIRACS - Car rental by phone +7 495 5052579.

Question: How much gasoline in a rented car?

Answer: 1/8 to full capacity , it is necessary to return the same as it was at the time the car.

Question: In what form should I return the car ?

Answer: In the clean condition:

- Wash the vehicle body, vacuum interior and trunk of the car (if the luggage compartment was used ), wash the car mats.

- Or you can just pay a cost of car wash service (700RUR)

Question: What if the car can not return exactly to the deadline?

Answer: Extend the car until the next day.


Question: I have a driver's license only international standard issued in another country. Can I rent a car in your company?

Answer : BIRACS car rental does not require the translation of international rights. You can hire a car with a driver's license issued by the international standard in another country.

Question: Do you provide rental of the Child seat? Cost of this service.

Answer: The cost of this service is 1000 rubles for the entire period of the lease if the lease is not more than a month.

Question: What is the minimum driving experience can be a renter?

Answer: The minimum driving experience of the renter is 2 years.


Question: Can I go on your rental car company for the Russian border? For example, in Finland or the Czech Republic?

Answer: The territory currently leased car is limited Moscow region. Unauthorized travel outside the Moscow region is regarded as a breach of contract, service limitation of liability ceases to operate , and the car can be withdrawn without notice.


Question: Is the cost of insurance in the rate for the rental?

Answer: The cost of insurance is included in the rate.


Question: How long does the registration of the rental?

Answer: Not more than 5 - 10 minutes.


Question: What is the amount of deductible for the car?

Answer: From 10,000 rub. to 30,000 rubles. For details, see Car rental tariff on this website.


Question: Can I make a contract of hire by several drivers? How much does it cost?

Answer: The cost of the additional power of attorney for one additional driver is 200 p . for per day.


Question : Can I pay in foreign currency?

Answer: All the calculations are carried out on the territory of Russia in rubles.


Question: In your cars painted emblems and lettering car rental ?

Answer: All of our vehicles without logos and advertisements, are no different from other cars in Moscow.


Q: When do I pay rental car before or after using it?

Answer: The payment and deposit for the car should be made prior to the use of the car rental .


Q: Can I return the car back in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, or anywhere else in the Russian Federation ?

Answer : Take car only in Moscow at Leninsky Prospekt 30, and will need to return to the same location.


Question: At what point begin to be considered day rental ?

Answer: Car rental day is starting from the moment when the car was picked up.


Question: What is the minimum rental period?

Answer: The minimum rental period is 3 days.


Question: Is it possible to rent a truck or van without a driver?

Answer: At the moment you can rent cargo car Renault Kangoo.


Question: Is it possible to rent a car payment and the security deposit cards Visa/Visa Electron?

Answer: It is possible to pay a deposit and rental cost via cards VISA, MC, AmEx, and you can pay the rent cards VISA Electron, Maestro.


Question: Can your company deliver the rented car in the specified location?

Answer: This service is available for regular customers only.


Question: Which is the maximum duration possible to rent a car ?

Answer: The maximum rental period is not limited.


Question: What documents are provided to the customer with the vehicle ?

Answer: The lease agreement and power of attorney, certificate of registration of the vehicle.


Question: How long the power of attorney is provided for driving?

Answer: The power of attorney issued for a period paid by the tenant.


What brand and models are you offered for rent?

Answer: Volkswagen Polo, Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Almera, Nissan Tiida, Ford Focus, Nissan Teana, Nissan X-Trail and other cars.


Question: Are you working on a bank transfer with organizations?

Answer: Yes , we work.


Question: Should I have a credit card  to rent a car?

Answer: We also accept cash.


Question: Can you offer a GPS navigator with rental car?

Answer: We provide additional equipment, including GPS navigator, according to current tariffs.